My Mani

The course is designed for individuals who:

– want to start doing their own nails and have no experience
– have little experience or do not know how to perform a clean and safe combination manicure on themselves
– need comprehensive knowledge to start working on their own hands immediately
– want to find the most effective way to perform a manicure
– want to try their own skills
– want to always have beautiful nails
– want to save some money and be able to choose an “appointment time” anytime

In the course, you will learn:

– How to work with an electric file safely and without injury on yourself.
– How to choose the right technique and bits for your skin.
– How to choose your tools and products.
– How to prepare the nail plate for better adhesion.
– How to achieve a beautiful, deep manicure.
– How to work with products to achieve a smooth light reflection line.
– How to paint deeply without flooding the cuticles.
– How to achieve a consistent shape on each nail.
– How to avoid over-filing and properly remove the nail enhancement.

Training Schedule (6 hours):

– Work hygiene – disinfection, sterilization, and routine preventive actions.
– Nail structure and architecture.
– Selection of tools and products for your hands.
– Shape selection.
– Everything you need to know about your own hand.
– Work schemes:
– How to file the cuticles with an electric file.
– How to cut the cuticles.
– How to file the free edge and the nail plate.
– How to work in the wet technique to build the correct architecture.
– How to apply color close to the cuticles and seal the nail tip.
– Material removal.
– Gentle filing.
– Demonstration of the entire procedure.
– Practice on your own hand, with a focus on a clean manicure, correct shape, and deep color.
– Proper removal of the material from one hand – demonstration.
– Homework assignment.

Courses are hels in small groups of 4 people.
Each student receives a certificate supported by an Instructor’s license upon completion of the course. Certificate is valid.
Courses are conducted in English or Polish, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM or 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM with breaks determined during the training.
You will be provided with all necessary tools and products. You can always bring your favorite brush to work with.

6 000 nok – 6 hours