Rise Up

The training is designed for:
– Individuals who have mastered the basics of manicures and extensions but want to achieve near-perfect results.
– Individuals who want to learn how to work with atypical cases.
– Those who want to eliminate the possibility of mistakes in their work.
– Individuals who want to work faster.
– Those who want to increase their prices.
– Those who want to gain free time.
– Those who want to attract more clients.
– Individuals with high aspirations.

During the course, you will learn:

Why it is important to focus on the quality of products and how to ensure they are of good quality.
The chemistry and physics behind it, so you can avoid many problems.
When and why, despite your efforts, certain stylizations may not make sense, and it’s not the stylist’s fault.
How to minimize filing.
Techniques for quick corrections.
How to recognize the qualities of perfect work and effectively showcase and sell it.
How to achieve perfection in master-level work.
Finding your favorite tools that make work a pleasure.
Creating durable nails with a strong but thin apex.
What luxury-level work should look like at a high price.

Training Program:

Cleanliness in the workplace – disinfection, sterilization, and routine preventive measures.
Processes related to nail procedures.
Key chemical and physical aspects in a stylist’s work.
Types of nails based on anatomical structure and the architecture of extended nails in different shapes.
Selection of products for efficient work.
Discussion: curved nails, bitten nails, upward-growing nails, downward-growing nails, wavy nails, and working on wet hands, quick repairs.
Forms vs. dual forms.
Corrections vs. rebalancing.
Problematic hand presentation, analysis, demonstration.
Hands-on practice on one hand of a model.
Photography and Instagram – attracting clients.
This is the only course with a focus on theory. Registration is only possible after an initial analysis of your work. It is possible that I may identify gaps that qualify you for a different course – feel free to inquire about online consultations.

Courses are conducted in small groups of 2 individuals or individually.
Upon completion of the course, each student receives a certificate supported by an instructor’s license. It is not an empty document.
Courses are conducted in English or Polish, from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM, with breaks scheduled during the training.
Refreshments and beverages are included in the course fee.
All necessary tools and products are provided, but you are always welcome to bring your favorite brush to work with.
Each participant receives access to a Facebook group where they can find useful information and ask specific questions. They also receive 2 hours of free consultation to be used at any time, as well as video materials with my descriptions of personal work for review and ongoing practice. The option to borrow necessary tools, including an electric file, is available, and each participant receives a gift essential for their work

10 000 nok – 1 day