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The course is intended for individuals:
– Who want to start working as nail stylists and have no experience
– Who have little experience or do not know how to perform a clean and safe combined manicure
– Who need comprehensive knowledge and practice to immediately start training and working with clients
– Who want to find the most effective way to perform manicure services
– Who want to return to the profession
– Who want to offer their clients a high quality service


During the course you can learn:

– How to work safely with a nail filing machine without injuring yourself
– How to choose the right technique and bits for the condition of the skin
– How to select tools and products
– How to prepare the nail plate for the service
– How to perform a beautiful, deep manicure in one stroke
– How to work with products to achieve a straight line of light reflection
– How to paint deeply without flooding the cuticles and what to do if it happens
– How to achieve the same shape on each nail
– How to create 3 quick nail designs when you run out of time for painting
– How to avoid over-filing and properly remove nail stylings
– How to handle difficult situations with clients and how to price yourself

Day 1
1. Cleanliness in the workplace – disinfection, sterilization, and routine preventive actions.
2. Nail structure and processes related to the manicure procedure.
3. Nail diseases – when to refuse to perform a service.
4. Hand types, skin, and nails.
5. Everything you need to know about products, tools, and how to work with them.
6. Work schemes:
– How to file cuticles with an electric file.
– One-cut technique.
– How to file the free edge and the nail plate.
– How to work in wet technique to build correct architecture.
– How to apply color near the cuticles and secure the nail tip.
– Material removal.
– Cosmetically filing.
7. Demonstration of the entire procedure on your non-dominant hand.
8. Working on your own hand with emphasis on a clean manicure, proper shape, and deep color.
9. Proper removal of material from one hand.
10. Difficult situations with clients and how to behave professionally.

Day 2
1. Nail architecture and sidewalls.
2. Nail plate damage.
3. Building bases and topcoats – what to choose.
4. Work schemes:
– Proper shaping.
– Working with a base/hard gel using the „in the air” and „flat” techniques.
5. Repairs.
6. Demonstration of the process on one hand.
7. Working on a model’s hands, focusing on product analysis, tools, and techniques, including repairing damaged/cracked/too short nails or soaked cuticles.
8. Nail decorations.
9. How to price yourself.
10. Homework.

Detailed information:
The courses are held in small groups of 2 people or individually.
Each student receives a certificate supported by an Instructor’s license. The document is valid.
The courses are conducted in English or Polish, from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, with breaks scheduled during the training.
Refreshments and drinks are included in the course price.
You will be provided with all the necessary tools and products, but you can always bring your favorite brush to work with.
Each student receives access to a Facebook group, where they can find useful information and ask specific questions. You will also receive 2 hours of free consultation to be used at any time. The video materials featuring personal work and detailed descriptions are provided to participants and available for revision and practice forever.
Participants also have the opportunity to borrow necessary tools for training, including a nail drill. Each participant also receives a gift necessary for work.