Pro Dual

The course is designed for individuals who:

– have knowledge of performing manicures and preparing the nail plate for extensions.
– are already performing extensions using nail forms but dislike filing.
– have limited experience in nail extensions.
– have experience with gel application and want to avoid cracking issues.
– struggle with nail sculpting.
– want to reduce the working time for a new set.
– seek to elevate their skills and earn more in the profession.
– currently work with Dual forms but have not achieved satisfactory results.
– dislike the appearance of the nail underneath.
– simply want to speed up the extension process.
– aim to expand their services and take them to a higher level.

In the course, you will learn:

– How to create durable and long-lasting gel/acrylgel nails quickly.
– How to shorten the time for a new set, even to one hour.
– How to achieve amazing final results.
– How to work safely with forms.
– Techniques for simple nail designs.

Training Program:

– Selection of the appropriate form.
– Selection of the right material.
– Learning the mixed technique through schematics.
– Building the nail structure.
– Applying the material on the form.
– Determining the right amount of products.
– Choosing the correct length.
– Shaping the entire nail and creating a French tip.
– Learning to apply decorative glitter for embedding in the tips.
– Product compression.
– Common mistakes in this technique and how to avoid them.
– Demonstration.
– Practice.

The courses are held in a small groups with a 2-4 participants or can be done as individual sessions.
Each student will receive a certificate supported by an Instructor’s license upon completion of the course. Certificate is valid.
Courses are conducted in English or Polish, from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM, with breaks scheduled during the training.
Refreshments and beverages are included in the course price.
You will be provided with all necessary tools and products. You can always bring your favorite brush to work with.
Each student receives access to a Facebook group, where they can find useful information and ask specific questions. You will also receive 2 hours of free consultation to be used at any time. The video materials featuring personal work and detailed descriptions are provided to participants and available for revision and practice.
Participants also have the opportunity to borrow necessary tools for training, including an electric file.
In addition each participant will receive a small gift necessary for work.

10 000 nok – 1 day