Training is for people:
-who have knowledge gaps but don’t know exactly what they’re doing wrong
– have been working for some time, but the end results are not satisfactory
-which have nice results but the nails break, get air or have an uneven surface
– they want to eliminate their mistakes
-they don’t know why they happen to have a lot of fixes
-they are not able to work in a group or they need to be taken individually and work step by step

In the course I will teach you:
-how to correct all your individual mistakes
– work effectively
– work safely
– look at the work through the eyes of your client

Each individual training has an individual program and an analysis of before and after work, which is why it is the only one for which an advance payment is required. After analyzing the work and your needs, we determine how long the training will last. 1,2 or 3 days.

After completing the course, each Student receives a certificate supported by an Instructor’s license, it is not a document without cover.
The courses are held in English or Polish, between 8.30 and 19.30 breaks are determined during the training.
Refreshments and drinks are included in the price of the course.
I provide all the tools and products you need, but – you can always get your favorite brush to work 
Each student receives access to a Facebook group where he can find useful information and ask specific questions, plus free 2-hour consultations to be used at any time and video materials from my own work with my description – for repetitions and trainings forever. Possibility of renting the tools you need, including a milling machine, each participant receives a gift needed for work

12 000 – 1 day
15 000 – 2 days
18 000 – 3 days